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Sleeper of the Week – The Palo Alto Queen Sleeper – Sleeper 2.0

The Palo Alto Queen Sleeper got its name by being the preferred sleeper of tech startups in Silicon Valley. The Palo Alto graces many a waiting room, corner office, and nebulous Ping-Pong parlor throughout the city. Available in a staggering number of 100% top-grain leathers, many of them in web-approved colors (Come on, that was funny, ADMIT IT!), the Palo Alto can synchronize with any home or office setting. Web developers love to take 3 hour naps on one of our customizable mattresses, as they make more money asleep then the rest of us will in a week.

A sleek design keeps the look current, even after several generations of MacBooks are released. Try to stifle your intense feelings of jealousy as you design your own perfect Palo Alto in our Design Center!

The Palo Alto Queen Sleeper

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Sleeper of the Week – Rubicon Queen Sleeper by Natuzzi Editions

On sale now. Just watch:

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Sleeper of the Week – Terra 3-Cushion Queen Earth Designs Sleeper by Lazar – Perfect for Everyone

Cold and Flu season means one thing… I’m sick. Thanks to my germaphobe mother, I have the immune system of a bubble boy (as well as a bit of Howard Hughes paranoia-OCD, but that’s for another Sleeper of the Week).

Tempting as it sounds to stay in bed and outsource this to Bolivia (a surprisingly common practice in sleeper-sofa blog comedy) I am compelled to write this post myself, because this week’s sleeper—the Terra 3-Cushion Queen Earth Designs Sleeper by Lazar—is my own personal sleeper! The Terra is a superbly crafted, compact sofa-bed, which is great for me because I need enough room to fit the industrial-strength steam cleaner I rent every month. The clean, modern lines of the Terra will assure you that everything will be ok and that you’re not eternally bound to your past. I love it!

Lazar’s Earth Designs line uses sustainable products and packaging, so you won’t feel like you’re single-handedly bringing down civilization. Plus, you can choose from 3 custom seat-cushion options and an incredibly plush and supportive mattress. So, on sick days or those days you’re convinced you shouldn’t leave your house, you’ll have the exact kind of comfort you prefer in a sofa. Start browsing all the upholstery options in our Sleeper Design Center now; before your eyesight gives out.

The Terra 3-Cushion Sleeper by Lazar

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Sleeper of the Week – The Aria Queen Leather Sleeper – A Step Towards Justice

The modern world is far from perfect. For starters, why aren’t there more coat hooks? It’s the 21st century, they should be everywhere by now.

You know what else we need more of? Pillows. When have you ever seen a pillow and thought “oh we should get rid of that!” I’m not talking about decorative and scented pillows. While I’m a big fan of those too, I admit they’re less essential than the classic pillow.

This week’s Sleeper of the Week, the Aria Queen Sleeper by Palliser, has the right idea. It takes a cushion, which is already great, and puts a pillow on top of it. Pillow-topped arms provide two pillows built right into the sofa. That’s two free pillows, right from the gate. The result is an incredibly comfortable seat; one that Palliser has fashioned into a very sleek and streamlined package.

So, if you want to make the world a better place, install a couple coat hooks and order this pillow-topped beacon of goodwill for your family and friends. It comes in a wide variety of fabrics and leathers, so you can find the perfect match for your home. Be the change!

Aria Queen Leather Sleeper Sofa by Palliser

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Palliser Sleeper Sofas Now Available

Palliser, a premier furniture supplier based in Canada, offers a terrific selection of comfortable and customizable sleeper sofas.  This week, we’ve selected our 20 favorite styles (many more total products) and added them to our online gallery and Sleeper Design Center.

Palliser Sleepers are extremely comfortable–with plush seating throughout, while offering consistent support simultaneously.  All Palliser models are available in fabric and in leather, so once you select your favorite, you’ll have no trouble finding the perfect upholstery.

Browse the selection today or read more on our Palliser Brand Page.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns by calling (888) 922-SOFA (7632) or using the Contact Us form on our site.

Carlten Full Leather Sleeper by Palliser

The Carlten Full Sleeper by Palliser, available in Fabric and in Leather

Carlten Full Leather Sleeper Side-View by Palliser

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Sleeper of the Week – The Barcelona True Sectional Sleeper – Quarantine the Past

What’s Sleeper of the Week?

Junior High.  I wasn’t a fan.  Are you still haunted by junior high memories?  I know I am.  Help relieve the pain with the Barcelona True Sectional Sleeper Sofa by Savvy.  I recently bought this sectional, and it was so therapeutic for me that I’m thrilled to see it as this week’s Sleeper of the Week.

First of all, I bought it with my own money. So, sorry Coach Johnson, it looks like someone was a little more successful than you had predicted!

The large, plush cushions are like a giant blank slate, reminding me that my destiny is my own, no matter what Coach used to tell me.  They’re also incredibly comfortable and supportive; unlike my basketball team when I missed that last free throw.  SORRY GUYS, I was 12!  The ample seating allows me to fill the sofa up with friends that are way cooler than the kids from middle school anyway.  The Barcelona is offered with customizable piping, so I chose my old junior high colors to be reminded of just how far I’ve come every time I take a seat.

The Barcelona True Sectional by Savvy

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Security When Purchasing Online

At Sleepers In Seattle, we understand that shopping online, in general, can cause a bit of stress.  So, we have tried to make the experience as easy, safe and enjoyable as possible.  Online retailing offers great benefits as a platform to create custom furniture, and we thought we might help ease some of the common concerns people have when making purchases online.

We handle our online transaction though and PayPal, two of the largest and most trusted payment gateway services in the world.  These transactions use a secure method of exchanging data called Transport Layer Security (“TLS”), a process that encrypts credit card information before it’s sent out, and then decodes it safely at the company’s servers.  The secure gateway company will then contact your bank to approve the transaction, and securely deliver us the payment for your order.  TLS prevents any third party from being able to eavesdrop or intercept your credit card information.  TLS was most recently updated in RFC 5246 by the Internet Engineering Task Force.

At Sleepers In Seattle, we take your privacy seriously.  That’s why we also use Transport Layer Security any time you enter your personal data.  So, when you give us your name, email, or mailing address, we will be the only party to see it.

Sleepers In Seattle started as a boutique retail store 21 years ago.  A family owned and operated business; the family still operates a retail space in Seattle, WA.  Six years ago, we entered the world of online retailing, using long-standing relationships with furniture manufacturers and our own expertise to create an easy way to find and purchase customizable sleeper sofas on the Internet.  We also offer Quick-Ship sofa beds, delivered from our warehouse to your door in 7-10 days.

Sleepers In Seattle has gone to great lengths to create a stress-free process for ordering furniture online.  Our site is full of tools designed to help you discover the perfect sleeper for you, including our Sleeper Design Center (where you are shown the sleeper of your choice upholstered in the cover of your choice) and our commitment-free Request Swatches tool (just ask, and we’ll send over all the upholstery samples you need).  All of our products are fully insured throughout the logistics process, so in case any trouble occurs with the order, everyone involved is “covered”.  And, just in case you aren’t happy with your purchase, we also offer a Return Policy with no restocking fee.

From start to finish, we have done our best to create a sleeper sofa market that is safe, secure, easy to navigate, and–dare we say–fun.  We look forward to delivering the perfect sleeper for your family and your home.

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Sleeper of the Week – The B580 True Sectional Leather Sleeper – A True Patriot’s Sleeper

I love the USA.  I only drive American cars, only listen to American music, and only watch American movies that are set in America.  I didn’t even see Apollo 13 because too much of it happened in space.  I can’t, however, resist buying Natuzzi sofas.

With they’re luxurious 100% top-grain leathers, cloud-like comfort, and superior design, it’s no wonder this Italian Company is the number one supplier of leather furniture in the United States. Even the guys down at my Star Spangled Eagles Club confessed to only buying Natuzzis.  So, if you think about it, buying the B580 True Sectional Leather Sleeper of the Week is perhaps the most patriotic thing I could have done.  With its ample seating, you can fit a whole slew of Patriots to partake in American activities.  I think we’ll eat Pizza.  God Bless the U.S!

John Doe

B580 True Sectional Queen Leather Sleeper by Natuzzi

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Leather Loving

We love leather at Sleepers in Seattle. It has a timeless, sophisticated look; it’s easy to clean and maintain; and perhaps most importantly, it’s durable. Leather is the most durable upholstery option for furniture–but what is it about leather that makes it so resilient to every-day wear and tear?

One of the most effective ways to explain leather’s durability is to first look at the most durable option for fabric: microfiber. Microfiber is made of 100% polyester, which is one of the easiest to clean fibers available. Its biggest asset is in its compressed design. A looser weave would make it easier for dirt to get embedded into the fabric—causing damage, and making cleaning a much more arduous task.

Fabric will also wear out over time, both from every-day wear and tear, as well as some color fading from exposure to ultraviolet light. Leather, on the other hand, will look more attractive as it ages. Natural creases will form in the leather, providing an appealing and distinguished look, like an old bomber jacket.

Leather isn’t woven at all. It’s a solid surface, so dirt has nowhere to go and stains have nothing to penetrate. Often, cleaning leather furniture only means wiping down with a damp cloth.

While leather is a very durable material, sometimes disasters do happen. Another great feature of leather is that it’s entirely repairable. For fabric sofas, a rip can be fatal if it occurs in a highly visible area. Even if the rip is minor and virtually out of sight, the repair would still be apparent, as it would have to be fixed using a seam or a patch. For leather, the substance is actually fused together, resulting in a completely undetectable repair.

While leather is generally the more expensive option, it’s a great investment for the future. It takes less maintenance, it will improve with age, and it can handle any household trauma that may occur. Sleepers in Seattle offers a huge selection of colorful and classic leather options. Find your favorite model, and start exploring the leather options in our Sleeper Design Center today!

Leathers Available for our Sleeper Sofas

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Sleeper of the Week – The Prague II Queen Sleeper – A Sofa of Self-Discovery

Prague, a city that is world-renowned for being in Europe, attracts many recent college grads.  Eager to discover their true selves before returning home, they excel in getting unpaid internships, and living off their parent’s dime until their late twenties.  But, as they enter the next stage life–waiting in line to buy groceries, or on hold with their cable and internet providers–they think back to the magical city of Prague; full of sophisticated art, food and architecture, and how their lives then seemed like they’d be filled with adventure and whimsy.

Lucky for them, there’s the Prague II Queen Sleeper in Tess Blackberry—our Sleeper of the Week.  With elegant and bold design, the Prague will turn your home into the types of paintings that hang in the galleries throughout Europe, being stared at by kids in backpacks, listening to Radiohead on their iPods and feeling invincible.  After all, it is better to inspire than to be inspired.

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