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Kids and Furniture: Can this Relationship Be Saved?

One Mom’s Kid-Generated Furniture Mishaps and How to Avoid Them

For decades, starting in 1953, The Ladies’ Home Journal ran a feature called “Can This Marriage Be Saved?” A troubled relationship was described by the wife, and then the husband was allowed to vent, and finally the therapist announced what was needed to save the marriage. My mother subscribed to the magazine and I remember reading this column as a child, wondering how men and women ever managed to live together. It was quite alarming.

Fast-forward a few years and I’m raising three boys. And they’ve pretty much destroyed
every piece of furniture we own. And I’m wondering, “can this relationship be saved?” Is it possible to live with children and furniture under the same roof?

What did you say? Your kids always respect your couch? Oh sure, mine do, too. Haha. That’s a lie.

My mother’s solution: the living room was only for guests. No one ever found out who was considered a guest, because the living room, with its white sectional and designer coordinated accessories, was off limits to anyone I’d ever met. As an adult, I never went near the living room.

This is my mother’s sofa. It was purchased in 1959. It’s still white. I still don’t sit on it.

Vintage White Sofa


But I wanted my boys to enjoy our home and to feel free to have their friends over.

Son #1 and Son #2 had a fight on top of the coffee table. The coffee table lost, as it’s glass top was shattered. This happened a few times until I sprung for a safety-glass

Son #3 sat on the end of the dining table and a piece just split off. This is how it looks after glue and reinforcements.

Damaged Wood Table


Another view of a dining table mishap, after one of my children experimented with the contents of a glowstick. I’m not sure what’s in there, but nothing you’d want on your table. Or your skin. Or maybe in your house at all.

Stained Wood Table


There are ballpoint pen marks, unidentifiable splotches and questionable slits in the fabric on our arm chairs.

There is an oddly compelling stain on our kitchen bar when a graphic design was transferred to the wood from some unknown source.

Image Transfer On Wood


Our refrigerator wears this goofy grin it acquired soon after arriving in our home. I’m not sure which of my children applied it, but the original tape has disintegrated into a gooey mess and I haven’t been able to remove it.

Funny Refrigerator Stain


My boys all enjoyed entertaining their friends at our house, so it was never a question of one or two boys on the furniture. If they were at home, we had five or ten or twenty boys (the girls came later) lounging, bouncing on and generally disrespecting the chairs and sofas.

So, the first thing to remember about decorating a home with children is: avoid bringing any furniture into the house until your kids are in college. Haha, kidding!

Here are a few tips for kids-friendly home decor:

Forget the colors white, cream and light anything. Look for saturated color and patterns on furniture, walls and countertops. Even ceilings. My ceilings are painted blue. I tell my friends that it makes the rooms feel spacious. Sky-like. But the real reason is I remember the damage wrought by an agitated and then opened can of grape soda in the hands of a dangerous criminal—I mean child—and the stains that were never removable from the white walls and ceiling. Amazingly, my kids didn’t do that. It was a friend of mine, at my one-and-only slumber party in my parents’ newly-remodeled basement.

Look for, what we call in the business, “bulletproof” fabrics. Usually, you’ll find that engineered fabrics will hold up to more abuse than natural ones. Microfibers will outlast cotton or silk. Look for fabrics that are washable (cleaning code W for those that take a water-based cleaner) and that have a high thread count. Velvet, denim and twill all wear well.

Durable Sleeper Sofa Fabrics


Details to avoid: Throw pillows. They scream “pillow fight” to any red-blooded child in the zip code. Buttons on upholstery. Just begging to be picked off and played with or eaten. Shelves and dressers that are not secured to the walls. Did you see that video on Facebook of the toddler trapped under a chest because he and his brother were jumping in the open drawers? Of course they were.

Tufted Sleeper Sofa Cushions


Learn to love leather furniture. Scratches in leather give it “personality.” Think baseball glove.

You’d have to work hard to seriously damage a catcher’s mitt.  Not that kids won’t attempt it. Best virtue of leather: it can be repaired. You can get a leather expert to come to your home and do magical things to a rip in the surface of your couch, and you’d never know the cut was there. Take the cost out of your kid’s allowance because it won’t be cheap.

For floors, make sure that you can damp mop whatever surface is underfoot. Area rugs are a tripping hazard and are hard to clean. Wall-to-wall carpet is much harder to maintain than solid surfaces such as tile, wood and linoleum.

It makes sense to invest in high-end wood furniture if you love the design and are willing to refinish it in a few years. If not, opt for inexpensive tables and cabinets that won’t be missed once they’ve taken a beating. Look for rounded corners on tables to avoid the inevitable eye-meets-edge-of-coffee table incident that lands you in the emergency room with one of your children.

So enjoy living with your kids and with your furniture. And if you think that once your offspring have left home for good and you can redecorate your home however you like, think again. Because if you’re lucky, soon it will be filled with……….grandchildren.

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How Upcycling Can Add Pizzazz to Your Home Decor

My good buddy, Leslie, who spent years working in the home staging industry suggested I do a blog post on upcycling.  I told her that was a great idea!  Then I quickly went home to google “upcycling.”

The first post I found was about repurposing toilet paper rolls to store things in.

Ewwwww.  Not what I was thinking.

But I kept going on the research, figuring that I could get creative, be politically correct and save the planet all at the same time by learning how to upcycle.

Wikipedia defines upcycling as creative reuse—the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value.

I think of upcycling as finding something intriguing at a flea market or resale shop and turning it into something much more intriguing.  And possibly useful.  The best thing about upcycling?  You can bandy the word “upcycling” about and everyone will realize how impossibly hip you are.

Leslie sent me some images to illustrate the concept of upcycling in the home decor world.


Turbine Tables

Upcycled Cocktail Table

These turbines were spotted in a factory, a base was added and they were topped with custom glass.  Voila—coffee tables!

I don’t know about you, but I don’t hang out in factories a lot.  However, we can see the advantages of doing so.  I’d put these tables in front of a light colored couch in a solid fabric.  Note:  unless you are a weight-lifter, you won’t want to place the turbine table in front of a sleeper sofa.  Because when you open the sleeper, you’ll need to move the tables…..


Ceiling Tiles

Repurposed Wall Pieces

Sourced from a resale shop that specializes in reclaimed building materials, these tiles were attached to the wall and arranged as a headboard display.

Lots to love about this display:  it has texture, a variety of color, and it’s attached to the wall.  As in, it doesn’t have to be moved the clean under the bed.


Barrel Rings

Upcycled Wall Art

These rings originally held a wooden barrel together, but now have been repurposed and arranged on the wall as art.

These rings would pair well with a leather sofa bed or leather sleeper chair.

So the only issue I see with this item is that you’d have to drink a lot of beer, whiskey or wine to come up with that many barrel rings.  And I don’t like beer.   But there must be some place that old barrels go to die, and that’s where you could get ahold of these rings.  So this project needs a bit more research.  But for all of you beer, whiskey and/or wine drinkers out there, research could be a lot of fun.  For the simpler approach, maybe visit your local winery or distillery.


Painted Pillows

Upcycled Painted Pillows

These pillows started life as paintings on canvas.  The frame was removed, a backing added, zipper, stuffing……….and you have pillows!

If you sew, you’ll know where to get the supplies.  And if you don’t sew (like me), then you probably have a friend who does.  Trade favors.  This is a cool idea.

These pillows would sit beautifully on top of a sofa in white or cream fabric.  Imagine museum walls and shop accordingly.


Card Catalog Nightstands

Upcycled Night Stand

These two metal card catalogs were cleaned up and protected with a varnish to preserve the rustic patina.  They are now being used as night stands.

This is also an opportunity to teach anyone born after 1980 the joys of the Dewey Decimal System.


Repurposed Coffee Table

Upcycled Coffee Table

This table was originally part of a bed in the Philippines.  It is a piece of rough-hewn wood, about 4 1/2 feet long.  Metal legs were fabricated to convert it into a very sturdy table.   You could accent the rugged look of the table with a casual, wood-accented couch, or go for contrast and choose sleek, more formal upholstery.

As I’m not a metal worker, nor a seamstress, some of these projects are out of my league.  I can always find and hire those folks, but I pressed Leslie for some upcycling projects that could be done in a day, with minimal skill and funding.  Fortunately, Leslie has a huge photo library and she found me a few projects for those of us with less time, patience and proper tools:


Birdcage Candle Holders

Repurposed Candle Holders

Here’s a doable project.  Take some old metal birdcages, put them on a metal charger plate, surround a large candle with smooth stones or seashells and you’ve got a set of very cool candle holders or a unique centerpiece.  I’d probably clean the daylights out of the birdcages before I let them anywhere near my kitchen, but this is a possibility.  And I never seem to have a centerpiece—so extra points for this idea.


Upcycling Collections

Collection Showcase

The simplest idea of all is to create a collection of something.  You recycle them for their sculptural nature, amass a lot of them, and display them in a clear bowl.  Old game pieces, buttons, dice, or old vacuum tubes.  They have just been elevated to Art.  A trip or two to the thrift shop or antique mall and you are in business.  For a person like me, with an obsession for collecting, this is a license to shop.  I’m starting in on this idea today.

Here are a few local (we are in Seattle) resources, with online access for those of you who are not fortunate enough to live in the Pacific Northwest:

Second Use.  They reclaim building materials for reuse.  Great way to spend an afternoon browsing and imagining what items you could upcycle into others.

The RE Store.  They even have a Revision Division where they’ve built hand-crafted furniture from reclaimed materials, saving you the trouble.

Earthwise Architectural Salvage.  Retail warehouses in both Seattle and Tacoma, full of vintage and new building materials, in addition to a diverse assortment of architectural antiques.

The ever-popular and ubiquitous Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul and Value Village will have lots of old junk, I mean great materials, to work with.

Special Shout-out to Jon Rosichelli of Rosichelli Design for his creative design and staging,  and many thanks to Leslie Saber of SaberShots Photography for the wonderful ideas and photos.

Go forth and go green!

Meryl Alcabes, Sleepers In Seattle

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Six Tips for Furnishing Small Spaces

My home is 100 years old this year! And although I love the vintage detail and old-world charm, I’m not thrilled with the some of the compact rooms we live and entertain in. Over time, I’ve found a few furniture items that help us get the most from our small spaces. The key is to find furniture that can do double duty, or be stored away easily. These ideas for furnishing small spaces can be used by anyone with a condo or apartment, as well as those of us living in older homes with small rooms.

Using lighter colors and smaller scale furniture will make a space seem larger. Not filling every available inch of real estate will help keep your room comfortable. Here are a few more specific ideas to consider:


1. Sleeper sofa

We have three sofa beds in our home. A queen sleeper sofa in the TV room which doubles as a guest room, a full sized sofa bed in the office and an ottoman sleeper that can be moved around wherever we need another bed. Or….an ottoman!

Compact Sleeper Sofa Perfect for Furnishing Small Spaces

For smaller spaces, consider the scale of your furniture. Don’t overwhelm a compact den with huge, overstuffed chairs. Many furniture retailers carry modestly-sized items, and it’s worth the research time to find them. Always keep your room measurements and color samples with you. You never know when you’ll happen upon the perfect accent piece for your home and you want to be sure it will fit. Look at all of our small space sleeper sofas from Sleepers In Seattle.

2. Folding or Stacking Chairs

You can find folding chairs in a variety of styles, prices and materials to match your decor and your pocketbook. Having a few extra seats stashed away in an unused corner is a lifesaver when you are entertaining. And it’s great to have them disappear when not needed.

Colorful Stackable Chairs Increase Pizzazz and Space UseStacking chairs now come in a huge variety of styles and colors. Check out this link for a wonderful assortment of stacking chairs.

3. Display or storage coffee table

I love collections, but they don’t always work well in small spaces. My oldest collection—tiny boxes from all over the world—resides in a display coffee table in our living room. I get to show off my well-loved assortment without taking up extra real estate.

Coffee Table with Glass Top Displaying Colletion It’s possible to find other coffee and end tables that serve multiple purposes: storage tables, lift-top coffee tables, and serving carts that do double duty as end tables. Here’s a great idea for a combination of storage and seating—the storage ottoman! With a tray balanced judiciously on top, an ottoman can double as a coffee table.

4. Dining table with butterfly leaf

Many dining tables come with extra leaves. But where to store them? The beauty of the butterfly leaf table is that the extra length is self-storing, which is perfect for smaller spaces. Huge benefit for those of us with less than huge dining rooms. Measure carefully before purchasing your dining table.

Table with Extra Leaf can be expandedIf you are always in need of more dining table seating, consider a pedestal table, rather than one with 4 legs, which can interfere with chair legs. And an oval table is more flexible, seating-wise, than a rectangular one.

5. Ceiling and wall lighting

Save floor and surface area by choosing lamps that can be mounted on the ceiling and walls. You’ll spend a bit more on the wiring but free up space on the floor and on your side tables.

Bedroom Wall Sconces Offer Unique and Space-Saving LightThis is a great idea for the bedroom, also. Save space and declutter by choosing wall-mounted lighting rather than table lamps for your nightstands.

6. Mirrors

A large mirror, placed strategically, will make a small room seem much larger. Find one that complements your decor—or fill a wall with a collection of mirrors for an original art statement.

Mirrors Along the Wall Increase Visual SpaceA mirror can also be used to bring the outdoors in, doubling a lovely garden or territorial view. Move the mirror around before hanging, to find its best position.

Let me know your best tips for decorating small spaces in the comments below.


I’m always on the lookout for new ideas!

Meryl Alcabes, Sleepers In Seattle

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Expanded Hospitality Solutions

More Hospitality Solutions Than Ever Before

We at Sleepers in Seattle have over a decade of experience providing the hospitality industry with the best sofa beds on the market. We recently expanded our hospitality solutions to even better serve hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts and lodges throughout North America and beyond.


Dedicated Contract & Hospitality Team

We now offer a dedicated team of representatives, available to work one-on-one with buyers to develop personalized plans, tailor fitted to the specific needs of each customer. Our full-time hospitality department is never more than a click or call away. Contact us.

More Sleepers Than Anywhere Else

Those familiar with our sleeper selection know we offer more sofa beds than anywhere else. With over 500 unique models and thousands of upholstery options, we’ve got the right look and feel for any decor from traditional to contemporary. Our sleepers come in every shape from ottoman to sectional, providing sleep solutions for any size room. Customization is our calling card, if you can envision it, we can make it a reality. We offer a full range of matching furniture for all of our sleeper models, allowing clients to tie a room together like never before. A coordinating ottoman, chair, loveseat, sofa or even sectional can add a level of sophistication and comfort to any unit!


most popular sleeper sofas

Our Most Popular Solutions

Our new expanded hospitality section includes many of our most popular sleep solutions. Here you’ll find the pick of the litter from Stanton, American Leather, our very own Savvy brand and more. Visit our Hospitality Sleeper Sofa Selection page to view our most sought after designer, leather, fabric and eco-friendly sofa beds. Our hospitality program offers special pricing and comprehensive solutions in order to meet the wants and needs of each potential customer. Our sleepers are discounted according to volume and payment plans are flexible, allowing us to work within your budget and time frame.

Hospitality Case Studies

View our wide range of case studies to learn more about the solutions we have already provided to a number of satisfied clients in the hospitality industry. From the Hotel Sorrento in Seattle to the Travaasa Austin to the Flamingo Resort and Conference Center in Santa Ana, our sleepers can be found in top notch facilities all over the map.

hospitality sleeper sofa solutions

Adding Value

Sleeper sofas conserve space while providing seating and sleeping room, making them the perfect addition for many units. Sofa beds are the most cost effective method of adding sleeping capacity to an existing space, efficiently adding value to any room. Precisely why our recently expanded hospitality solutions function as the perfect starting point for any motel or hotel looking to enhance their existing facilities.

sofa beds for hotels

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New American Leather Comfort Sleeper

New Comfort Sleeper Model

We are happy to announce the arrival of a brand new style from American Leather’s Comfort Sleeper collection. This new model brings a contemporary edge to a collection best known for comfort and durability.

The Noah

The Noah is the most recent addition to the Comfort Sleeper collection. Marked by flared arms, clean edges and stiletto metal legs, the Noah is as stylish as it is comfortable. The Noah’s modern design offers a current, yet sophisticated look. The Noah provides a sense of refinement while remaining unique and eye-catching.

American Leather Noah Comfort Sleeper



Tiffany 24/7 Sleep Surface

Like all of American Leather’s Comfort Sleepers, the Noah features the patented Tiffany 24/7 sleep surface. This groundbreaking feature provides a solid platform with zero bars or springs for maximum comfort! The Noah is available in a full range of sleeper sizes. The sleeper is even available in three mattress options: Tempur-pedic, Gel and Premier. How’s that for options?

American Leather Noah Sleeper


Now available for purchase on Sleepers in Seattle, the Noah is fully customizable. The Noah is available in our huge selection of 100% top-grain leathers. We offer our leather products in every imaginable color and texture. Choose from uniform to natural finish and extremely durable to extra soft.  With so many different leathers, you’re practically guaranteed to find the right leather sleeper for you and your home.

Since 1990, American Leather has been an industry leader, producing top of the line leather and fabric furniture at its manufacturing facility in Dallas, Texas. We at Sleepers in Seattle are proud to carry American Leather products.  We can’t wait to share this new and innovative model with our customers. Visit the site now to view this modern masterpiece along with over a dozen other American Leather models. What are you waiting for? You’re new leather sofa is just a few clicks away!

American Leather on Site


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Three New Leather Sleeper Sofas

Just this week, Sleepers in Seattle added three brand new leather sleeper sofas to our already extensive selection.  With additions from Bernhardt Interiors and our very own Savvy Brand, we continue to build upon our mission statement of “More Sleeper Sofas Than Anywhere Else.”

Savvy Calgary Leather Sleeper Sofa

calgary leather sofa

Our new line of Savvy Calgary Leather Sleepers is available in chairs, studio sofas and sofas.  The Calgary is marked by rolled arms, a tightly upholstered seat-back, box cushions and elegant wooden legs. Available in a vast array of top-grain leathers, there is surely a Calgary to match your home décor.

Reasonably priced at well under $2,000, the Calgary is as affordable as it is luxurious.  Available for delivery 4-6 weeks from the time of purchase, the Calgary is truly a slice of economical elegance for the astute furniture shopper.

Bernhardt Interiors Denton Leather Sleeper

bernhardt interiors denton leather sleeper sofa


The Bernhardt Interiors Denton Leather Queen Sleeper is another recent addition to our Leather Sleeper collection. The Denton features straight arms, supple t-cushion seating and a giant dose of classic style. This luxurious new piece is guaranteed to transform any room into a sophisticated setting.

But.. the Denton is far more than just a looker.  Down blend cushions offer an extra comfortable seating experience. Additionally, the sofa pulls out into a Queen Size bed, sleeping two with room to spare.

Bernhardt Interiors Franco Leather Sleeper Sofa


franco 725

Also new from Bernhardt is the Franco Leather Queen Sleeper. The Franco offers an uncommon balance of style and comfort. The Franco features soft yet supportive down blend cushions and your choice of top grain leather exterior. A tufted back cushion and nailhead accents only add to the Franco’s allure.

The Franco easily transforms from elegant couch to supportive Queen Size bed in a few simple motions. Whether sitting or sleeping, you and your guests are in for a wonderful experience.

Visit the site to view these new Leather Sleepers, all of which are fully customizable in our signature Savvy Design Center. Don’t see what you’re looking for here? No need to worry. We have endless leather sleeper varieties to choose from. Take a minute to browse through our products today.

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Top Five Factors When Selecting a Sleeper Sofa

When choosing a new sleeper sofa for your home, keep in mind the following five factors:

1. Style

Sleeper Sofas come in a wide array of styles.

Style is a personal preference. Some of us like to be bold and standout. Others would rather remain subtle and subdued. What style speaks to you? Are you looking for something contemporary with a low profile? Or do you prefer something more traditional? Maybe you know exactly what you’re looking for. Does an overstuffed, rolled arm, skirted loveseat speak to you? Great!  Style is very much a personal preference. Having a clear vision of what you’re looking for will make shopping for your next sleeper sofa much easier. Be sure to consider where your sleeper is going to be located before making your selection. Not all sleepers look great in every room. For example; rich mahogany flooring and aubergine furniture tend not to work well together. Finding a sofa bed that compliments the surrounding environment is an essential step in selecting the perfect sleeper for you and your home.

2. Sofa Comfort 

Sofa Comfort is a huge component to consider when selecting your new sleeper sofa.

To many people, this is the most important aspect in selecting a new sofa sleeper. Is it going to be your main living room furniture? What sort of feeling are you looking for? There are many things to consider when picking out a comfy new sofa, and everyone has a different idea of comfort. Sleepers come in many different seating arrangements, such as tight back, overstuffed, tailored, and tufted. These arrangements will affect the comfort.  Is it just going to be put in the spare bedroom where it will receive more use as a bed than a sofa?  If this is the case, the next category may be of more Interest to you.

3. Sleeper Comfort 

Bed Comfort is a very important factor in finding the right sofa bed for your needs.

How often will you be using the mattress in the sofa bed? This is the first question to ask yourself when considering sleeper sofa comfort. For most, their sleeper is used occasionally when family or friends show up and they need a place to stay for the night. For some, guests will stay longer or more frequently. In that case, you may need to think about upgrading the mattress or looking at a sleeper with a more advanced mechanism. This holds especially true for those who will be using their sleeper as an every night sleep solution. Many people conserve space in smaller bedrooms by taking advantage of a sleeper’s dual-purposed nature. In this scenario, we would suggest going for the most comfortable and durable sleeper in your budget. The tri-folding style sleepers are great for every night use and will hold up extraordinarily well over time. Which leads us to our next major point…

4. Durability

Consider the durability of any new sleeper sofa before purchasing.

Durability can play a huge role in determining the fabric and the frame you select. Once again, we ask people to think about where the sleeper is going to be placed. This time we are focused on sturdiness rather than style.  Will the sofa be in a high traffic area with lots of kids and pets, where it could potentially be worn down or damaged? If so, you might want to consider leather and microfiber, both of which are great options when it comes to stain protection and durability. As well, the volume of usage on the sleeper mechanism is important. If you have few guests and the sleeper is rarely used, the standard mechanism and bed may hold up exceptionally well. This may not be true if your guests are staying weeks or months at a time.


5. Size 

Sleeper Sofas Come in sizes from chair to LARGE sectional.

This seems like a given. Of course your new sofa sleeper needs to fit into the desired room, but there is more to consider than “do the measurements of the sofa work?” You’ll be much better off if you take a few measurements before you get started shopping. The width, depth, and even the height are important to making sure that we create your vision just the way you want it. Are there going to be windows behind your sleeper sofa? Will there be a coffee table in front of the sofa? We suggest mapping out the footprint of the sofa with some masking tape. You’ll be able to get a good idea of the scale and ensure the sofa won’t overwhelm the room.  Additionally, it’s always a good idea to take some measurements of the entry way leading to the room of your choice (you would be surprised how many people skip this crucial step!).

If you have any questions on selecting your new sleeper sofa, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us or give our design consultants a call. We would be more than happy to assist in picking your perfect sleeper.


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Introducing: Paragon – The Revolutionary New Sleeper

We at Sleepers in Seattle are welcoming the brand new Paragon Sleeper from Lazar Industries through our doors. It’s a huge leap in sleeper technology. Seriously folks, welcome to the future, population: comfort.  The Paragon Sleep System offers unparalleled sleep comfort from head to toe with a conforming and supportive gel-memory foam mattress. We have run it through plenty of testing. You know, we had to be sure of its “sleepability.” It passed with flying colors.

Paragon Sleeper Sofa Custom Options


With such a comfortable mattress, you might think that a bulky frame was required to accommodate all that comfort. Not so. The Paragon mechanism has one of the smallest footprints in the industry! Fully extended, the Paragon Sleeper only reaches 84”, making it a great choice for small rooms, studios, or condos.  As an added plus, there’s no longer a need to stack all of your cushions in a tower next to your sofa when you’re ready to go to bed, as all of the pillows stay attached and swing out of the way.


So what happens when you just want to take a nap or lounge around the house on one of our typical rainy Northwest days? As a professional nap artist, I speak from experience: Wow. The Paragon sleeper features a high quality fully sprung seat cushion that says “snuggle up, were going to be here for a while.”  Come in and request a demo to experience the innovation today.

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Salute to Our Seattle Seahawks

As you may have heard, the Seahawks are taking on the Denver Broncos in Superbowl XLVIII on February 2nd.  We want to take a moment to recognize and congratulate our team for all they’ve achieved.  In addition to three hours of masterful entertainment provided each Sunday, the Seahawks have rejuvenated a deprived Seattle fan base.  The fans, or “12s” as we call ourselves, are 100% #TappedIn.

Thanks to the Seahawks’ success, Seattle now has its own variety of Skittles, a Guinness World Record for loudest crowd noise, Blue Friday (all fans are encouraged to wear blue) and a slew of food and drink options based on the team (including the 12th can).  If that weren’t enough, come February 2nd we have a chance to become World Champions.  Win or lose, the 12s (including all Sleepers In Seattle employees) are going to be cheering for the Seahawks as loudly as possible!

-David F.

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Pantone Chooses Radiant Orchid as 2014 Color of the Year

2014 Pantone Color of the Year Radiant Orchid

Pantone is best known its proprietary Pantone Matching System, a standardized color database allowing professionals in any industry to match colors for various uses.  They like Radiant Orchid this year because it “inspires confidence and emanates great joy, love and health. It is a captivating purple, one that draws you in with its beguiling charm.”

Pantone especially recommends Radiant Orchid for interior design: because “the vibrant color is sure to liven up neutrals including gray, beige and taupe. Uplifting and bold without being overpowering, Radiant Orchid re-energizes almost any color palette and provides a unifying element for diverse spaces.”

Every year, color experts meet from several countries in order select the Color of the Year.  Their goal is to find a color that represents our current zeitgeist.  The color of the year may then be used in fashion, paint, automobiles, home furnishings, and even appliances.

Our staff gave various responses when asked “what Radiant Orchid reminded them of”.  Some of the highlights:

“A doll-house.”

“A Monet painting.”


“The poem ‘When I Am Old I Shall Wear Purple.’”

“An ice-cream shop.”

“Peppermint ice-cream.”


“A muted purple.”

We want to hear your thoughts!  Would you use Radiant Orchid in your home?

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